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IP Based phone solutions include a wealth of business communication and collaboration options that will transforyour business phone system and the way you operate.

From Desk

Make calls from the convenience of your desk with a full range of high-quality, feature-rich IP phones to choose from.


From Computer

Communicate by phone with our computer or laptop, gives you flexible options to call, check voice messages etc.

From Mobile

Stay connected to the office with mobile device apps for your IP Phone.

Introduction to Business VoIP

Chances are, you already use some form of VoIP or internet phone service through your business phone line. If you’ve ever used Skype or WhatsApp, or any kind of Internet phone to make a call, you’re experiencing the power of Voice Over IP, or to put it simply-making calls over the internet. When it comes to integrating VoIP into your business line, there are some factors to consider before you choose a provider. The top VoIP providers can help you lower costs, reach more customers, and even enhance your mobility and productivity. The wrong VoIP companies could be too expensive for you or simply not understand the importance of this tool in your business.

Benefits of Having a Business VoIP Phone System

The full benefits of having a business phone system will depend on the size and type of business you own. However, loosely speaking, many business benefit from:

Lower Costs - Businesses on average see a reduction in costs of between 50% and 75% after switching to VoIP. This is a combination of reduced communication expenses and logistical benefits.

Productivity - Investing in internet phone allows companies to let their employees work remotely, which can increase productivity by almost 20%. Also, employees will be able to reach each other more easily, thus saving time.

Reliability - Because of QoS (Quality of service) protocols, common issues like jitter, latency or delay are monitored for a satisfactory standard for business practice. In a recent study, less than 0.5% of survey respondents reported being dissatisfied with VoIP call quality.

Customer Satisfaction - Unsatisfied customers would rather switch services than complain, so customer service needs to be more on top of visitors needs than ever before. Giving your customers more ways to reach your business is simple with the help of VoIP. This could be helping employees work remotely, increasing ‘office hours’ or just offering the customers a number to call when a problem arises.


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