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Welcome to E Logix IT Support .....

Our technicians frequently and routinely check our support channels to quickly respond to a request. Please complete the form below.............the support BEGINS.

If your issue is urgent or requires immediate attention, please call (704) 644-1465.


Who is affected?
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Thanks for submitting your request


Please note, we provide priority to the following request:

  1. A problem occurs that stops several people from being able to carry out their work (eg a network outage, internet outage or virus outbreak).

  2. A problem occurs that stops you from being able to carry out any work. (eg your computer is frozen or won’t start up at all).

  3. A Computer Systems Crash and other priority circumstances.


All other tickets are carried out in the order that they are received or as resources allow. We will always contact you if there are any delays with your trouble ticket.

Why send in a trouble ticket. Can’t I just phone?

Trouble tickets are beneficial to both E Logix IT and supported customer for the following reasons:

  1. They allow E Logix IT staff to plan their work, accordingly, allowing us to provide help to support request more quickly and efficiently.

  2. They act as a constant reminder to support staff that your job is still outstanding.  

  3. Phone messages are only visible to one person. Trouble tickets can be viewed by all staff

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